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New Leadership for New York’s Design Festival

An annual cooperative exhibition, founded by Asher Israelow, Patrick Weder, Hart, Here Projects and Eskayel, presents the work of more than 40 independent designers and artists, as well as paper lanterns customized by 70 New York-based creatives in collaboration with Pearl River Mart.



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The Best Installations, Collaborations, Pop-Ups, and More During NYCxDesign

Ephemeral design gallery Next Level makes their NYCxDesign debut with an exciting show of pieces by Fort Standard, Avo, Huy Bui, Nita, and others. The exhibition is organized and curated by Asher Israelow, Eskayel, Hart Textiles, Here Projects, and Patrick Weder, and aims to celebrate the artists and designers who are elevating the standards of design exhibition to the "next level," as the boundaries between art and design continue to dissolve. Instead of pedestals, pieces are displayed on groups of cinder blocks that give a nod to the 6,000-square-foot space's rawness, and allow the works to speak for themselves. Individual egos take a back seat in favor of the collaborative spirit, as the show's organizers prefer to see the city's design community as an ecosystem instead. "Most of the contemporary designers in New York and the surrounding areas are friends," says cofounder Jamie Israelow. "We share resources and material sources, suppliers, and even work space. Why not show our work in an environment that reflects and celebrates that?"


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What not to miss at this year's NYCxDESIGN.

Co-hosted by Eskayel, Asher Israelow Studio, Hart, Here Projects, and Patrick Weder Design, "NEXT LEVEL" will make its NYCxDESIGN debut as an art and design experience showcasing new pieces from boundary-pushing designers. Open May 16–23.





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Must-see: Next Level brings together partners in work (and life)

Next Level is a labor of love—for the design work, and between the project’s collaborators. Six thousand square feet in New York’s NoHo neighborhood is home, at least until May 23, to a contemporary design gallery curated and hosted by Asher Israelow Studio, Patrick Weder Design, Hart textiles, Here Projects, and Eskayel, featuring pieces from 11 additional artists and designers, including Huy Bui, Avo, and Fort Standard. The main players just so happen to be couples. Jamie Israelow, Asher’s wife and one of the project’s organizers, explains: “Most of the contemporary designers in New York and the surrounding areas are friends. We share resources and material sources, suppliers, and even workspace. Why not show our work in an environment that reflects and celebrates that?”


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America's design community comes into its own

At NYCxDesign, spirited debate, independent exhibitions, and confident experimentation reflected a strong generation of designers. At the former Superdry clothing store on Broadway—one of several vacancies on the main thoroughfare in Greenwich Village—several studios banded together to present Next Level, a group show of work by their peers and friends, partly looking to channel the cultural fervor that completely overtakes Milan during their design week.


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Beyond the Fairs: The Best of NYCxDesign 2018

A group of designer friends (also made up of several couples) decided they wanted to try something different this year for NYCxDesign. Instead of going the usual fair route, they sought out an alternative venue where they could still present their work and make a powerful statement during design week. Fortuitously, it all came together: a group of like-minded artists—including Eskayel, Hart Textiles, Here Projects, Asher Israel, and Patrick Weder—banded together and found a central location to exhibit their wares. Their hard work paid off: Within a short period of time, they managed to assemble a collection of unique design pieces set in a large, light-filled space in NoHo. Displayed amidst the stunning rugs by textile studio Eskayel, these were some of the exhibit highlights:


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Expert reports on architecture and design from venice and new york

Taking advantage of the energy around the design festival - and a massive 550-square-metre retail space currently standing empty on Broadway - Next Level was a self-curated group show by 16 of the city’s leading independent designers and studios. Organized by Asher Israelow Studio, Patrick Weder Design, Hart Textiles, HERE Projects and Eskayel on a dime and almost spontaneously when the space became available, the installation was nonetheless one of the most seamless and visually coherent shows of the whole festival, which is perhaps to be expected when designers become curators. It shone a light on the already strong relationships, friendships and collaborations that underpin NYC’s creative ecosystem, where designers share resources, sources, suppliers and sometimes workspaces.