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Designing a City for Zero Waste with Clare Miflin


1pm - Talk followed by a Q&A

What can we learn from nature? Designing out waste through biomimicry


Waste is a design flaw: in our packaging, our products and our buildings and cities. Ecosystems recycle materials indefinitely in circular loops, but the human­ designed system discards over 90% of the materials extracted from the earth within six months. What can we learn from nature to transform our consumption patterns from take-make-waste to regenerative circular loops?

Clare Miflin, architect, led the development of the Zero Waste Design Guidelines through a multidisciplinary collaborative process. The Guidelines serve as resource and inspiration for architects to help NYC reach its Zero Waste Goal. She is  setting up a not-for-profit Center for Zero Waste Design to disseminate and implement the Guidelines in NYC and other cities. Her consultancy – ThinkWoven – develops strategies to weave urban systems into ecosystems.

Clare is Co-Chair of AIA NY’s Committee on the Environment, on the board of BiomimicryNYC,  and Sustainability Coordinator for her local food cooperative.