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OPening: Di-ver-ci-ty igniting change ... A lantern Show

A Lantern show

Sponsered by Pearl River mart/ Tala lighting benefit Robin hood nyc and the artists

aimee wilder /amanda dandeneau /anthony george /april hannah
arielle stein/asher israelow /august gorton/avo/brian kaspr
briana devoe/ carolina z hurley /chad phillips/daisy houang
dave cole/david aron/ deborah stein/erika vala/erin weckerle
fanny gentle /gabrielle shelton /jason rohlf/jill malek/jocelyn chace
jon burgerman /katie deedy/kevin j waldron /twenty2 wallpaper/ malene barnett /maria kozak
mariah leblanc/ marisol arteaga /mike dickey/mike geschwer/molly findlay / NANCY/naomi clark
natalie marie gehrels /niki & yusuke tsukamoto /nikki shapiro/olivia provey/ oliver martinez/paige martin & vice versace /payton turner/ pedro gomez /rachel cope/rebecca atwood
rebecca chamberlain /twenty2 wallpaper/ robert charelton
roza gazarian/anna aristova/sandra spannan
sandy pei/sara singh/sarkos/shanan campanaro /summer mcclinton/ steve butler
tamika rivera/tania leipold/tobie giddio/tracy morgan/trisha turner/tunde soyebo
steve butler/xandro aventajado /
you jung byun/yuri shimojo/ zoë pawlak

flyer artwork by Yuri shimojo

Next Level also actively acknowledges its role within and responsibility to its greater community through a partnership with world-renowned local design emporium Pearl River, which has donated rice-paper lanterns for customization by 70 New York City artists and textile designers. The lanterns will be displayed over 3,000 square feet within the Next Level space and available for sale, with fifty-percent of the proceeds going to the Robin Hood Foundation, a charitable organization which attempts to alleviate problems caused by poverty in New York City.

Earlier Event: May 17
Opening Reception
Later Event: May 17
L'Amour Bleu